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MK Rail Users - CAmpaign for Real Rail

This page contains some background material on MK Rail Users current campaign. As ever, if you have any information that you think would be useful, then please do not hesitate to send it to us.

Milton Keynes Council Scrutiny Panel - 30th March 2009

Following the extensive disruptions faced by rail users to and from Milton Keynes, Milton Keynes Council are concerned at the effect it is having on the economy of our area and have summoned representatives of our rail providers to explain this deterioration.

Representatives will be called to attend a session of the Milton Keynes Security Panel on the 30th March, to which the public are invited. Click here for further information

London Midland Punctuality

Since the start of the new timetable in December 2008, London Midland have struggled to provide enough drivers and guards on trains. This has lead to delays, cancellations and disruption to passenger services.

How London Midland’s service performance has fallen?

Public Performance Measure (PPM) means the number of trains which arrive at their final destination within 4 minutes 59 seconds of the applicable timetable.

The Performance Measure for the period commencing 4th January, during which numerous incidents on the West Coast Mainline and cancellations occurred has yet to be determined.

London Midland Passenger Charter

Despite the atrocious service since the introduction of the new timetable on the 14th December, London Midland have made no indication that they are prepared to do this. At a recent Meet the Managers session at London Euston, a Milton Keynes commuter was told that apparently this will only be considered if sufficient numbers of passengers complain about the service.

Railways: from necessity to entertainment

The first man-hauled railways were available back, in the good old days, in 6th century BC. But the railways, trains and trams as we know them today were introduced in the 1880s. It was a hard beginning for the railway, but soon it became not only a way to transport goods, but also people. Today there are a few interesting and creative ones, everyone would enjoy taking a ride with. I had a chance to travel on quite a few trains and subways around the world and believe me, there is quite something to be seen on other country's rails. The Tokyo subways have an interesting way of making as much people as possible fit into their trains. They have people working only to push others into the subway trains. It may seem funny, but believe me it works. People would usually wait and block the train door until others make enough space in the train for everyone who is waiting. That can be really time consuming, especially in bigger cities. But the Japanese subway does not have that problem.

In the subways in the USA you can see quite interesting or rated R scenes, but in one subway in Japan there are screens showing https://www.escortdirectory.com/. I can tell you it is really entertaining. But I enjoy more the rails that go through nature. Once I had the opportunity to take a 4 hour long train ride through a forest. It was in Russia and I enjoyed it very much. The fresh air that comes in every time you open the window, the sound of the steel wheels on the rails and the sun made that ride amazing. It makes you feel timeless, lost somewhere in a forgotten place, without any problems, thinking only about the positive things in life.

Going back to Japan

Once I saw a shower in a train in Japan. It is not usual but many trains and subways have them. Fast food restaurants are a must on almost every subway train. A lot trains have also sleeper cars. Those cars have electronic keypad locks that help you sleep peacefully and prevent others from getting in and stealing your bags. The Japanese people really know how to spend their time on trains in the best possible way.

Because the Japanese winters can get pretty harsh, especially up north, they had to come up with a way to keep warm in the trains while traveling. So they just put as many katatsu in a train as possible. A katatsu is a table with a heater put on it's top. It has also a blanket on the top to keep the heat. This kind of trains can be found in the northern Iwate prefecture, on the Sanriku Railway Co. trains. They offer a special katatsu train that brings the comforts of your homes to the rail.

As you can see, the Japanese people know how to travel on their rails. If you ever visit Japan don't miss the opportunity to jump on the first train that seems even a little bit different and go wherever it brings you.