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An effective local rail user group can play a crucial role in speaking on behalf of rail users and participating in discussions with train companies, Network Rail and the Department of Transport when key decisions are being taken on rail timetables, the balance between local and long distance rail services and how the expanding rail system can best meet the competing needs of different groups of rail passengers.

I am happy to work with MK Rail Users, to listen to the views they express on behalf of local rail users, and to support them to get the best possible rail service for my constituents in Milton Keynes and Bletchley.

An efficient rail service, both to London for commuters as well as destinations further afield for long distance rail users is vital if Milton Keynes is to continue to be the first choice destination for both new residents and business alike. Having campaigned long and hard for "I before E" or "infrastructure before expansion" it is clear that the city continues to face challenges not least in the efficiency of its rail services.

MK Rail Users has been a strong advocate for the city and I look forward to continuing to work with them to ensure that my constituents get the quality of service that they deserve.

Message from MK Rail Users

As a regular commuter from Milton Keynes Central to Euston for over 10 years I, like you, have been totally dismayed at the deterioration in services for commuters over this period.

For over 3 years the Milton Keynes & Bletchley Rail Users Group campaigned for re-instatement of lost non-stop services to and from Euston in the peak period. The announcement of a new platform and track layout at MKC, an investment supported by the MKBRUG, suggested that the battle had been won. Indeed press statements confirmed the group’s belief.

However, publication of the December 2008 timetable in August 2007 failed to deliver not only the fast non-stop commuter services and re-instatement of lost Bletchley services but also cut back on destinations to the north served by Virgin trains direct from Milton Keynes Central.

Following presentations by Virgin Trains and the new franchisee, London Midland, the AGM in October 2007 generated considerable disenchantment with those charged with providing our services. Accordingly the group attracted new members and in the following meeting, I was appointed the new Chair of the users group to lead a new assault.

Revitalised under the new title of MK Rail Users and faced with a need to increase campaigning activity, we have embarked on a program of increased engagement with all the rail stakeholders and to date have had constructive meetings with London Midland and the Department for Transport. In addition we have met representatives from Milton Keynes Partnership, MK Council and our MPs. Future meetings with all these bodies plus Virgin Trains are planned on a regular basis.

Over the period since the group was set up, although active in its pursuit of improved services, the group has failed to keep you, the travelling public up-to-date with developments. Accordingly we have now launched this web-site and our aim is to ensure you are all kept well informed of changes that affect you, the user of services to and from MKC & Bletchley stations